Consider this a small yet mighty step towards a waste-free future for our little ones. 

The buy-back scheme is our way of supporting the circular economy. It’s an easy four-step process made for busy grown-ups. For included brands bought in the last 2 years, either from me or elsewhere, I offer store credits or cashback. Just check next to each product description to see if it’s included in the scheme or see a full list of brands I accept here.

How it works

Step 1 - Shop either new or pre-loved through the website or elsewhere. If you’d like to send an item to me, please email a couple of pictures, showing the front and back, to making a note of any wear and tear in your message. 

I’ll send you an email with all the details you need for posting your item(s).

Step 2 - Once I’ve received, checked and confirmed the item is resaleable, I’ll offer you the choice to claim store credit of 45% of the resale price or 35% cashback.

For example, send in a pair of vintage dungarees and depending on the item’s condition, we might set the resale price at £30. You can choose to either receive store credit (45% of £30 resale price or 35% if you prefer cashback).

£30(resale price) x 45% store credit = £13.50


£30(resale price x 35% cashback = £10.50

After a little bit of TLC, all resalable items will appear back on our website so they can find a new home. If any items are truly past their best I’ll ask you to pay the return postage and arrange to send them back to you or I can donate to charity.

Step 3 - Choose store credit or payout. For store credit, you’ll receive an email with your credit amount. Cash payouts are processed using PayPal.

Step 4 - For every parcel I receive, I’ll also plant a tree. Consider it a promise to help offset our impact on the planet. 



Do you accept items not purchased from Worn by Littles or Little Cactus & Co?  

Yes, you can see the full list of brands we accept, no matter where you bought the items from, just here

If you see a brand not listed and you think it should be added, please let us know and I will let you know whether it has been added.

I have vintage and handmade items, do you accept?

Yes, please email a couple of pictures, showing the front and back, to making a note of any wear and tear in your message. 

I’ll then get back to you with next steps.

What items do you accept?

We accept clothes, toys, games, puzzles and books. See here for a list of brands.

How will I be paid?

You’ll receive your store credit via email and there’s no expiration date so you can choose to spend it now or later. 

Cash payouts are processed via PayPal, so please confirm the email address associated with your PayPal account and I’ll make a direct transfer. 

How quickly will I receive my store credit or payout?

Within 10 working days from when I receive your parcel. 

The item has visible signs of wear, tear or stains - will you accept it?

I want to give clothes the longest life possible and if, after careful checking, if there’s a way I can repair or repurpose it, I will. 

Can you buy back all games, puzzles and books you sell?

No, not all of them. We will shortly be updating our products to advise whether they're apart of the scheme.


If you have any questions that have not been answered above, please let email me on or DM me through Instagram here