It started with a pair of vintage dungarees for my youngest son. We had some real adventures in those. That’s the thing about vintage kids clothes. It’s not just the quality and how much better made things seem to be, it’s all the stories that come with them. 

Since those early days my desire to find the best for my kids has grown into a curated, design-led lifestyle store where modern design sits alongside vintage. At Little Cactus & Co you’ll find everything from hard-wearing denim with decades of history to the coolest, sustainable toys. I source to find things your family will love, offering a buy-back scheme and thinking about the future of a circular economy.

There’s just so much joy to be found in children’s vintage and great design. Whether it’s the shine of a sturdy brass rivet or the fun and togetherness of a new activity done together, I hope you find something to fall in love with here. 

Nat x